Every day, the company accumulates international and Russian experience in business and IT, acting as a competence center for partner business development, information security system creation, IT infrastructure upgrading and migration to clouds. Axoft is an expert in IT import substitution, Open Source and DevOps that provides 5,000+ product, technical, and business consultations for partners and their customers each month.
We invest in the development of both project and transaction business. The company offers deep product and technical expertise and provides comprehensive support of IT projects implemented by partners for their customers, including IT infrastructure audit, presale assistance, project presentation to customers, test equipment provision and project implementation.
Our team will
Help to Identify IT risks and offer the proper solutions for different segments: for large, medium, small business and government agencies
Make a presentation/demo of the solutions for your employers or for your customers
Realize joint marketing initiatives for leads generation, development and loyalty level increasing
Provide with comprehensive support for business development: product, technical, financial, marketing
Help to implement IT solutions and services. Our background is 220+ completed technical projects and 41 technical certificates
Invest into joint business growth by providing the following kinds of support: Product, Technical, Financial, Marketing
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Axoft local team in Turkey
Ercüment Ekim
Presales Engineer
Sevde Sayan
Solutions Sales Manager
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Axoft head office based in Moscow, Russia, www.axoftglobal.com

In Turkey, Istanbul, you can contact our specialists directly or by common e-mail box info.turkey@axoftglobal.com for cooperation, product and technical consulting and by tel.: +90 216 373 44 07.

For marketing support please write marketing@axoftglobal.com