Positive Technologies is a leading global provider of enterprise security solutions for vulnerability and compliance management, incident and threat analysis, and application protection. Commitment to clients and research has earned Positive Technologies a reputation as one of the foremost authorities on industrial control system, banking, telecom, web application, and ERP security, supported by recognition from the analyst community
PT Application Firewall
PT Application Inspector
PT Network Attack Discovery
MaxPatrol SIEM
PT MultiScanner
Next generation cybersecurity for industrial networks and SCADA
Hardware appliance performs non-stop monitoring of ICS network security, helps to detect cyberattacks in their early stages, identifies negligent or malicious actions by staff, and promotes compliance with cybersecurity legislation and industry regulations.
Key features:
— Monitoring of ICS data flow
— Inventory of ICS network assets
— Detection of unauthorized system administration
— Detection and protection of ICS cyberattacks
— Enhanced regulatory compliance
— Investigation of ICS cybersecurity incidents
PT Application Firewal
Innovative protection system that detects and blocks attacks including the OWASP Top 10, WASC, layer 7 DDoS, and zero-day attacks with pinpoint accuracy. It ensures continuous security for applications, APIs, users, and infrastructure while supporting compliance with security standards including PCI DSS.
Key features:
— Profiling with behavior analysis improves application security and allows protecting how an attack will unfold
— Automatic blocking of zero-days attacks
— Targeted protection
— Modeling of user behavior makes it easier to identify bots and thwarts automated attacks without slowing legitimate traffic
— Full security for web and mobile APIs
PT Application Inspector
PT Application Inspector is the only source code analyzer providing high-quality analysis and convenient tools to automatically confirm vulnerabilities — significantly speeding up the work with reports and simplifying teamwork between security specialists and developers
Key features:
— High-quality analysis. PT Application Inspector pinpoints only real vulnerabilities so the company specialist can focus on the problems that actually matter
— Accurate detection, automatic vulnerability verification, filtering, incremental scanning, and an interactive data flow diagram for each vulnerability are special features that make remediation so much quicker
— Minimize vulnerabilities in the final product and the costs of fixing them
— Integrates with most popular bug trackers systems, CI/CD and version control systems (Jira, Jenkins, TeamCity, and more)
— Block application layer attacks with automatic export of vulnerability reports to Pt application Firewall
— PT AI helps to perform regularly perform in-house compliance audit.
PT Network Attack Discovery
Deep network traffic analysis (NTA) system for detecting attacks on the perimeter and inside your network. The system makes hidden threats visible, detects suspicious activity even in encrypted traffic, and helps investigate incidents.
Key features:
— Provides network visibility. Get a full picture of what is going on in the infrastructure to identify the security flaws that enables attacks
— Detect hidden threats. The system automatically detects attacker attempts to penetrate the network and identifies hacker presence of infrastructure base on a wide range of indicators, including use of hacker tools and transmission of data to attacker servers.
— Makes SOC more effective. Provides security operation center with full network visibility: know whether at attack was successful, reconstruct the kill chain, and gather evidence.
Made for managing vulnerabilities and compliance on corporate information systems. Penetration testing, system checks, and compliance monitoring are at the core of MaxPatrol TM. Together, these mechanisms give an objective picture of the security stance across IT infrastructure as well as granular insight at the department, host, and application level - precisely the information needed to quickly detect vulnerabilities and prevent attacks.
Key features:
— Eliminate network blind spots
— In-depth analysis of all systems
— Powerful and flexible compliance
— Automation and measurement of security processes
MaxPatrol SIEM
MaxPatrol SIEM monitors security events and identifies incidents in real time. Secure infrastructure with analysis of events, asset inventories, and automatic detection of both known and new threats. Immediate incident notifications facilitate rapid reaction and jumpstart forensic investigation, preventing reputational and financial damage.
Key features:
— Maintain the full enterprise-wide security picture
— Automatically maps network topology and updates this information as changes occur
—Keeps data sources under control. Source monitoring can be flexibly configured in MaxPatrol SIEM with consideration of typical activity patterns
— Prevents false positives from reoccurring
— Create incident detection rules in a few clicks
— Collects data about all networked elements of the IT infrastructure.
— Detect the important threats
PT MultiScanner
PT MultiScanner detects and blocks malicious activity all across corporate infrastructure: email, network traffic, web traffic, file storage, and web portals. PT MS scans objects by combining the strengths of multiple methods: multiple antivirus engines, static analysis, and reputation lists provided by Positive Technologies. Thanks to retrospective analysis, it detects the latest threats and signs of hidden malware.
Key features:
— Multivendor approach for maximum malware detection
— Finding new and hidden threats with retrospective analysis
— Full coverage of all data
— Rapid localization
— Ease and speed of deployment
— Scalability and high availability
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