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Aqua Cloud Native Security Platform
Unleash the full potential of cloud native transformation and accelerate innovation with the confidence that cloud native applications are secured from start to finish, at any scale. Aqua Platform protects entire stack, on any cloud, across VMs, containers, and serverless.

Secure the Build
Accelerate development by detecting security issues in artifacts early and shortening time to remediate. "Shift left" security into the CI/CD pipeline, get full visibility into the security posture of your pipeline and reduce the application attack surface before application deployment.

Secure the Infrastructure
Enforce compliance across the stack, gain real-time visibility and control over security posture. Monitor, detect, and automatically remediate configuration issues across public cloud services and Kubernetes clusters. Ensure conformity with CIS benchmarks, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, GDPR and other regulations.

Secure the workloads
Protect applications in runtime using a zero trust model, with granular controls that accurately detect and stop attacks. Unify security across VMs, containers, and serverless on any cloud, orchestrator, and operating system. Leverage micro-services concepts to enforce immutability and micro-segmentation.
    Aqua Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM)
    Scan, monitor and remediate configuration issues in public cloud accounts according to best practices and compliance standards, across AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and Oracle Cloud.

    • Aqua CSPM continually audits cloud accounts for security risks and misconfigurations across hundreds of configuration settings and compliance best practices, enabling consistent, unified multi-cloud security.
    • Provides self-securing capabilities to ensure cloud accounts don't drift out of compliance. Get detailed, actionable advice and alerts, or choose automatic remediation of misconfigured services with granular control over chosen fixes.
    • Apply consistent policies across all cloud native deployments, combining cloud workload protection for VMs, containers, and serverless, with cloud infrastructure best practices for full-stack security.

    Aqua CSPM Editions

    SaaS: Aqua CSPM is the comprehensive solution for multi-cloud security posture management. You can try it on SaaS Platform, Aqua Wave. Start free now >>>
    Open Source: Secure the configuration of individual public cloud services with CloudSploit, the core plugin engine behind Aqua CSPM.
    Container Security
    Protect container-based cloud native applications from development to production, using the industry's most advanced container security solution.

    • Get granular, automated response based on Indicators of Compromise, drift prevention and behavioral profiling to stop malicious behavior, blocking only activities that violate policy with no impact on legitimate container operation.
    • Gain constant visibility into vulnerability posture in pipeline, reducing the attack surface before containers are deployed. The get detailed auditing and forensics data of your container and Kubernetes runtime environment to track violation events and compliance posture.
    • Secure Linux and Windows containers, and protect containers running on VM, bare-metal, on Container-as-a-Service offerings such as AWS Fargate and ACI, even on Tanzu Application Service. Aqua has purpose-built runtime instrumentation (the Aqua Enforcer family) for each of these environments.
    Kubernetes Security for the Enterprise
    Tame the complexity of Kubernetes security with KSPM (Kubernetes Security Posture Management) and advanced Kubernetes runtime protection. Leverage Kubernetes-native capabilities to attain policy-driven, full lifecycle protection and compliance for your K8s applications.

    • Identify and remediate risks through security assessments and automated compliance monitoring. Help your security and cloud teams enforce policy-driven security monitoring and governance.
    • Determine admission of workloads across the cluster based on pod, node, and cluster attributes. Enable contextual reduction of risk with out-of-the-box best practices and custom OPA Rego rules.
    • Provide runtime protection for Kubernetes workloads using native K8s deployment mechanism, for easy, seamless protection on any managed or unmanaged K8s environment.
    Security for Serverless Functions (FaaS)
    Ensure that serverless functions are secured and in compliance. Reduce the attack surface, control deployment, and protect functions in runtime using performance-optimized controls.

    • Gain visibility into running functions, assess and control risk in the pipeline, preventing OWASP top 10 serverless threat.
    • Ensure least-privilege permissions, automatically deploy runtime protection, and detect behavioral anomalies.
    • Combine serverless security with all cloud native application and infrastructure, using unified policy management and control.
    Cloud VMs Security
    Automate VM security in private, public & hybrid cloud environments. Ensure compliance with PCI-DSS, HIPAA and other requirements, detect configuration issues quickly, and protect VM-based workloads in runtime.

    • Implement security configuration best practices by evaluating OS configuration against the CIS Benchmark for Linux, scanning for malware and vulnerabilities, and ensuring that your VMs are properly hardened.
    • Keep VMs configuration immutable, protecting Linux and Windows machines against drift and tampering. Monitor user logins and suspicious activity.
    • Use real-time controls to detect suspicious activity on cloud VMs such as Amazon EC2 instances. Monitor files and folders for read, write, and attribute changes.
    Dynamic Threat Analysis for Containers
    Detect and mitigate advanced threats and unknown malware in container images using a secure container sandbox. Supplied as an add-on to cloud native platform.

    • Identify hidden risk in your container CI pipeline. Select 3rd party, sensitive, or pre-production images for dynamic analysis to identify hidden risks, automatically adding advanced threat detection to your CI pipeline and registries.

    • Safely detect sophisticated malware before deployment. Run images in a secure sandboxed environment that traces indicators of compromise (IOCs) such as container escapes, reverse shell backdoors, malware drops, code injection backdoors and network anomalies.

    • Protect containerized applications against attacks. Mitigate the risks of data theft, credential theft, using containers for DDoS, and cryptocurrency resource abuse targeted by Advanced Persistent Threats and polymorphic malware.
    Container Vulnerability Scanning and Management
    Protect cloud native applications by minimizing their attack surface, detecting vulnerabilities, embedded secrets, and other security issues during the development cycle. Gain insight into vulnerability posture and prioritize remediation and mitigation according to contextual risk.

    • Aqua automates security testing in CI/CD pipeline, and continuously scans registries and serverless function stores to detect emerging risks. Get actionable feedback within CI environments to empower developers to fix issues fast.

    • Aqua relies on a variety of sources and proprietary research to curate and present vulnerabilities in the most accurate way, minimizing false positives and unnecessary noise in the pipeline.

    • Focus on the most important and urgent vulnerabilities to prioritize those that pose the highest risk to your environment, based on the workloads you run, availability of exploits in the wild, and level of exploitability.
    Open source Container Security
    Ensure that security drives faster adoption of cloud native technologies and processes, while avoiding security risks. Open source drives this forward.

    • Accelerating Cloud Native Adoption. Security is often cited as the #1 concern to hinder cloud native adoption. Open source allows us to educate engineering, security, and DevOps teams through accessible tools, reducing the skills gap and automating security controls into cloud native pipelines well before applications go into production.

    • The Open Source On-Ramp to Security. Aqua's open source tools help users get hands-on, effective security tooling that can immediately address their most burning concerns. Our open source users may graduate to our commercial tools when reaching a certain scale or level of complexity, but our open source tools are designed to be used independently and provide value "as is".

    • Aqua builts a team exclusively dedicated to open source, separate from commercial engineering team. This ensures we can commit, long term, to creating and maintaining high quality code, and ensure ongoing involvement in contributing to other open source community projects.
    ImmuniWeb Continuous
    Web application may be any HTTP/S application from corporate website to CRM or e-banking. The application may be hosted on several (sub)domains and have unlimited number of URLs, Web Services and APIs.

    ImmuniWeb Continuous Packages
    1. Express
    Small business application
    Express package is best suited for uncomplicated websites, for example, a presentational website with some dynamic functionality. It also fits to audit a small part of a larger web application. Business websites running Word Press or Drupal with a few third-party plugins match well the package.

    2. Corporate
    Midsize critical application
    Corporate package Is best suited for business applications with several user roles, diverse dynamic functionality and APIs. Medium-sized-banking or payment processing systems also fit well into this package.

    3. Corporate Pro
    Large critical application
    Corporate Pro package is best suited for business critical applications of large size that require sophisticated business logic testing under multiple user roles and interacting with different APIs. Multifunctional-banking or complicated CRM systems fit well this package, as well as applications based on web solutions from SAP, Oracle or Microsoft.

    4. SMB
    Midsize business application
    SMB package is best suited for medium-sized websites and small e-commerce applications with several APIs. It also fits to audit a small part of a larger web application. Websites running standardized e-commerce systems such as Magento match well the package.
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